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If you love a sizzling romance novel, follow
Summer and Lance from Chicago to Jamaica
and be swept away in the thrill of their Hot
The son of a white plantation owner befriends a
slave girl, an ex-slave struggles with the challenges
of emancipation, a poor girl from the country has to
fight off the sexual advances of her employer, a
retiring woman finds the strength to face an abusive

These are snippets from the lives of fictional
Jamaicans from different generations in the
country's history, each telling a different story but
together providing a rich melange of culture and
history that tells the fascinating story of
the woman
with the diamond heart
- Jamaica, land of love.
A hot-tempered spitfire and a
strong-willed, arrogant man - put them
together and sparks fly!
After her first embarrassing encounter, Summer
vows to stay away from suave, sexy and oh,
so arrogant record producer, Lance Munroe.  But
then she ends up working for the man!  Her quick
temper and sharp tongue keep landing her in hot
water with him but no matter how hard she tries
she can't deny her growing attraction for him.
Then they go on a business trip to Jamaica - and
that's when things get really hot!

Lance is intrigued by the feisty woman who
practically tells him off the first time they meet.  
When they begin working together he realizes
how much he enjoys taming the little tigress.  But
before he knows it, he's the one caught in the
snare of passion.  The tables are turned - the
tigress has tamed the lion!
Hot and sweet - a delicious combination!

Lisa Evans has always been an independent
woman, running her own show as Director of
Sales of a multinational corporation.  Then in
steps Rod Malone, a stunningly handsome
high-powered executive from the New York head
office, and her world is turned upside down -
more ways than one

Rod has travelled to many countries for
corporate assignments but he has never met
anyone like this firebrand.    The New York tough
guy comes to show who's boss but little does he
know what lies in store.

A battle of wills with a delicious outcome!
Judy Powell
The Queen of Caribbean Themes
Midnight velvet and morning light –
can the two ever meet?

While on a research assignment Debbie lets her
guard down, breaks all her rules…and falls upside
down in love with macho medical doctor, Kingston
Tennant.  But no matter how attracted she is to this
man she can’t let her love for him grow.  She has
too much to hide…

King can’t understand why he is so affected by
Debbie.  From the first time they meet she ignites
the fire he has tried so hard to suppress.  He takes
her to heights she’s never reached before, and
now he’s losing his heart to her.  Then just when
he thinks she feels the same way, she betrays his
trust.  Can he ever forgive her?

Get ready for a thrilling ride on this hot and
sexy roller-coaster romance!

NB - This is a sensual multicultural romance -
very detailed love scenes; adults only, please.
Two women. Two very different lives

Join their journeys of discovery as they each pave the path to
their survival.

Marcia has been living in the Jamaican ghetto since moving
from the country to Kingston, but she’s never been so
desperate to get out as she is now. The mother of a fourteen-
year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl, she knows what can
happen, raising children in this volatile and violent
environment. Anxious to leave the garrison community before
her children are caught in the stranglehold of this vicious
society, she decides to put her quiet nature behind her, take
matters in hand, and cross that river, regardless of the

Renee knows there’s many a woman who would give an arm
and a leg to have the life of privilege that she enjoys. But at
what price? The victim of abuse, Renee must find the
strength within herself to face her foe and create a life that’s
worth living. And then, in the middle of it all, she finds a
new…and extremely important…reason to be a true champion.

Marcia and Renee - learn from their stories of determination
as they deal with their life struggles…their ‘rivers to cross’.
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