June 2nd, 2005
Alexandria & Roberto
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What about a romance story that's a cool combination of
Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense and the Paranormal?

Ever heard of the White Witch of Rose Hall?
Check out this unique peek into seventeenth century life in Montego
Bay, Jamaica.  Check out the romance ot a woman who works her way
through three husbands who wind up dead.  
Mystery, anyone?

Click on the link: The White Witch of Rosehall

And here's what's cool...

You can be part of the Rosehall experience even now in the 21st
century by taking a tour of the Rosehall Greathouse in Montego Bay,
Jamaica.  It's romantic, it's mysterious, and best of all, it's haunted!  
You can even spend the night there, and get to meet Jamaica's most
famous ghost, Annie Palmer.             



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